"this is not a poem
you had mint eyes burning with copper
smelled of plastic and
mama said you reminded her of milk and
paper never knew you, ran off with a twenty-something
year old who didn’t know
the difference between religion and
pink lipstick
i drink champagne and cook
eggs, pour wine on white
sheets, kiss boys with blue
mouths and wet tongues, i
shower in my mothers wedding
gown, i sell paintings of
your wrists, i have become
so free i have no soul,
this is not a poem,
you are a

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Jesse Parent - “To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter”

"If you break her heart, I will hear it snap with the ear I pressed against her mother’s belly."

From the Coaches Slam at CUPSI 2014. This performance has the longest sustained break for applause we’ve ever seen a poet have to take.

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Leaving for Dallas in 12 days and I am so excited to see my dad and brother!! And the doggy!! So much excitement about everything!!

"Hey there.
I know we’ve had our battles lately,
and I know I’ve driven you halfway crazy,
but you’re pretty fucking cool.
When you do that thing where you get me out of bed,
and all of your joints crack like firewood
but you stretch big enough to fill a whole forest?
Yeah, I like that.
Thank you for being big.
I know we’ve had our battles
about taking up too much space
and that summer I didn’t feed you,
that I really feel like shit about.
I hope you accept those chips from earlier
and that run I’m gonna take you on someday
as a sincere apology.
Thank you for being sturdy.
Sturdy says I’m not going anywhere.
Sturdy says I can outlift and outlast the boys.
Sturdy says you better think twice
about picking me up because I only go where I want.
Sturdy says watch me. Notice me. Feel me.
Sturdy says boys like thick girls but fuck thick,
I am sturdy.
Thank you for being strong.
I know we haven’t been to the gym in awhile,
and despite that you can still kick some serious ass,
but I’m not talking about that kind of strong.
Thank you for hating shower floors.
Thank you for refusing to accept defeat.
Defeat says he likes someone smaller.
Defeat says love isn’t for you.
Defeat says it’d be easier if you weren’t here.
Strong says yes please.
Yes I’d like more potatoes.
Yes I’d like to give a speech that people will truly hear.
Yes I’d to take my clothes off and yes you should too
and no I did not skip lunch so yes that’s a food baby
but also one I plan on carrying to full-term
so yes you have to get used to it.
Thank you for healing.
If you didn’t fix yourself up after I broke you down,
I’d be a pile of parts by now
with no real purpose.
That time you had that 106 degree fever,
you really scared everyone for a second,
and that time your collarbone jumped out of your skin,
well, that was just plain disgusting,
Don’t do that again.
But if you have to, thanks for healing.
Thanks for leaving scars, and thanks for dealing with tattoos.
I apologize in advance if I give you more,
but I know you can handle it.
You can handle anything.
We can handle anything.
Thank you for sticking around,
even when you didn’t want to."

"Thank You Note to Myself" by Yours, Darcy

Day Sixteen: thanks

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if you dont eat the pizza crust you are weak and natural selection is coming for you

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Anonymous asked: what do you major in at college?


bad puns and self deprecation

There should be a Hallmark card or something for “I really am mortified you had to pull over to let me throw up but thanks.”

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i shouldnt do this thing cause its noooooot helping but i will do the thing anyway

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